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Leda, 1919

Otto Dix

Otto Dix
{Streets of Brothels},1914
(Oil on Paper)

Christian Schad, Portrait du comte St-Genois d’Anneaucourt (1927)
Blue Sky

I do not like you like this;
but when the storm howls across your expanse
and when the clouds
rage through you like winter wolves,
ravenous and mute with hunger,
my agitation will show
how much I crave your freedom.
I do not like you like this,
not this cloudless braggart
whose boastful purity
crushes me like one would crush a leaf.

Blauer Himmel


Ernst Ludwig KirchnerTwo acrobats

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Kitchen in an Alpine Hut (1918) / Vampire Weekend, Ladies of Cambridge (Boston) (2008)

To celebrate our 1000th post, as per request, this is my print proof for my very first dry point intaglio print.
I’m very happy because it looks just like his dry points and it looks a little but more like him than some of his self portraits!